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Basic ISIS on IOS and IOS-XR (Part 1)

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Overview and topology This post is a review of basic ISIS on IOS and IOS-XR. It reviews how to configure basic settings in order to get ISIS working. The topology used is as follow : Enabling ISIS The very first thing to do is to enable the ISIS process. The process is similar on IOS …

LISP – Introduction to LISP

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What is LISP ? LISP stands for Locator/ID Separation Protocol. This term “Separation Protocol” means that the identifier of the host and the location of a host is now decoupled (hence the separation) compared to the common behaviour where the identifier and the location are indistinguishable. In a traditional routing paradigm, the IP address (whatever …


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Technology Overview AToM stands for Any Transport Over MPLS. The goal behind this is to be able to transport any Layer 2 protocol over an MPLS Core. AToM is able to transport the following protocols over MPLS : Ethernet (EoMPLS), ATM, Frame Relay, HDLC and PPP. AToM is able to transport these protocols even if …