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Configuration of an ASA in Transparent and Multi Context Mode

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Topology used Multiple Contexts configuration First, the firewall has to be configured as Transparent and multi-context with the commands firewall transparent and mode multiple. This last command will ask a reboot in order to complete. After the reboot, by default only one context exists, which is the context admin. If interfaces were already present, they …


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Technology Overview AToM stands for Any Transport Over MPLS. The goal behind this is to be able to transport any Layer 2 protocol over an MPLS Core. AToM is able to transport the following protocols over MPLS : Ethernet (EoMPLS), ATM, Frame Relay, HDLC and PPP. AToM is able to transport these protocols even if …

FabricPath Overview

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Overview FabricPatch is designed to resolve the shortcomings of the traditional Layer 2 design. Today, Datacenters need to find a compromise between the flexibility offered by layer 2 technologies and scalability offered by layer 3 technologies. Typically Layer 2 is computed by STP because it needs to be loop free, this is accomplished by blocking …