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Basic ISIS on IOS and IOS-XR (Part 1)

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Overview and topology This post is a review of basic ISIS on IOS and IOS-XR. It reviews how to configure basic settings in order to get ISIS working. The topology used is as follow : Enabling ISIS The very first thing to do is to enable the ISIS process. The process is similar on IOS …

LISP – Redundancy and Load Balancing

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LISP Review On the last blogpost about LISP, we have configured LISP to demonstrates how it works as an overlay technology. On the previous topology we had dual homed CE devices (CE1, CE2, and CE3) but we have only configured LISP to operate on one interface. The database-mapping indicates which local prefixes we want to advertise …

LISP – Introduction to LISP

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What is LISP ? LISP stands for Locator/ID Separation Protocol. This term “Separation Protocol” means that the identifier of the host and the location of a host is now decoupled (hence the separation) compared to the common behaviour where the identifier and the location are indistinguishable. In a traditional routing paradigm, the IP address (whatever …