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Scott Morris @ CBT Nuggets

This is just a quick post to inform you that Scott Morris has joined CBT Nuggets :

Scott Morris is a great trainer. It’s one of this master trainer who is able to speak about technology all alone in front of his microphone, giving you a deep dive into its mind to give you the ability to think and think again about how the technology works and which issues its trying to solve. Thank you Scott for this Audio Bootcamp, your voice still echoes into my head at night !

I spent countless hours at the beginning of my studies with another great trainer at CBT Nuggets, Jeremy Cioara.

Jeremy is a magic trainer, each time I heard this guy speaking about technologies in these CBT nuggets videos, it was like a new world was opening to my mind. Christmas every day ! I spent so many hours with Jeremy that my wife is now able to recognize his voice instantly…

I’m working at the Cisco Advanced  Services these days and I can’t thank these guys enough for what they offered to me and the whole learning community.

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